“A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart” -Jonathan Swift

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) was an Irish writer and used satire in his works.


I have chosen to look at his quote about money, heart and head. I agree with it! You should have money in your head to be able to manage through life. Without any control of your money they can easily disappear, which is not good for your economy. But you should not have money in your heart. If you only think about money, you might not do what is best for the people around you. The profit interest will do harm to both you and your neighbours.



Charity is an example. Maybe it is not the best for your own budget to give away money when you are thinking with your head. When you’re thinking with your heart though, it is not the same. Then you give away money and help other people who need your help.



This is a quote to think about when we are shopping! Sometimes it is better do pay a bit more, because the product has been made by people who live a good life and do not have to work as slaves to earn money so that they can buy food for the day. It is better to buy more expensive clothes which has been made fairly than it is to buy many cheaper clothes which have been produced by people who live a bad life because they  don’t get enough reward for the work they are doing.


What do you think about this quote do you like it or not?



Quotes by Jonathan Swift:



/ Hanna

Postat av: Olof

This was really interesting Hannah!

I both agree and do not agree with you concerning this very bright and attention-grabbing statement by Mr Swift. I also think that money is nothing for the heart. We should not corrupt the most beautiful thing we have with one of the most dangerous tools man has ever created. I believe that it is important that there is one part of us that is free from our everlasting call for money.

Do you not think that we use the heart as well when we buy things that are more expensive? Our morals and ethics tell us that we should buy those things that are more expensive since we want to make sure that the production of the product has been made correctly. Or what do you think? Correct me if there is something wrong.

Once again, nicely written!

2011-04-11 @ 18:22:32
Postat av: Kajsa

Interesting and nice article Hanna!

I agree with you that you shouldn't only think about money all the time.

However if you have "money in your heart" you can help others, with charity for example. I think that Olof is right when he says that we use our heart when we buy more expensive things that have been produced in a fair way. Then we feel with our heart that we want something to be done right and fair for everyone involved.

2011-04-15 @ 10:57:16
Postat av: Hanna

Thank you for your comments! =)

Yes Olof I think we use our moral when we are shopping =). If you buy fairly made products. And not because of the reason that the clothes are more expensive just because they have a special brand, and nothing else.

Kajsa: I agree with you that you think with your heart when you are talking about charity! There must have been a misunderstanding, I wasn't clear enough in my post. I have the same opinion as you =) Use your heart and you will help people to a better life =)

2011-04-15 @ 11:12:18
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