Benjamin Franklin's first invention

Benjamin Franklin invented many things including “swim fins“ in 1773 which were applied on hands. He was as a teenager very interested in swimming. Since he lived nearby the ocean he had plenty of time to improve his swimming techniques. He wanted to increase the speed and thereof came his idea of swim fins. It is also said that he got the idea from watching frogs. Swim fins is one of his first invention and made out of wood. It wasn't until 2000th century people tried to improve Franklin's invention by using other material and also come up with the idea to apply the fins on feet instead of hands.

Today there is a range of flippers to choose from, depending on what you want to use it for and if it wasn't for Franklin who knows when they would be invented? It is definitely a great tool even though it hasn't played a very big part in history neither played a big part for society. Thus it has, for those who has an interest for diving or swimming (in some extension), brought a big advantage. As it is mentioned above, you move a lot faster in the water. For those who dive, you can get deeper or swimming under water for longer. For swimmers on the other hand, they more or less just improve their speed. But imagine a scuba diver trying to swim around under water without fins? Not to mention how much more we’d probably damage the environment. We would also get tired much faster. Partly thanks to fins/flippers we can explore water in a bigger extension than a couple of hundred years back in time.


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Very good article Sandra.

I am actually not that interested in diving equipment. But I have tried swimming with fins/flippers and it is so much easier.

Imagine if we didn’t have them. Maybe we wouldn’t know that much about the underwater life as we do today. Because no one could swim under water fast enough without having to go up to the surface again to catch their breath.

Do you think that we would have less knowledge about the underwater life if we didn’t have the fins/flippers?

2011-04-26 @ 22:59:56
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I am actually not that interested in diving equipment. But I have tried swimming with fins/flippers and it is so much easier.

2011-08-11 @ 05:14:25

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