Benjamin Franklin was frustrated that he had to constantly switch his pairs of glasses, depending on what he was trying to focus on. He longed for the ability to see both near and far with a single frame. In order to accomplish this, Benjamin had the lenses of two pairs of spectacles cut in half and put half of each lens in one sole frame. Today, millions of individuals take advantage of Franklin's bifocals, giving people a convenient way in which to correct their vision for both distance and reading.


Eyes are the most used organs of our body; one simply cannot work without looking. We are so used to keeping our eyes open even when we are daydreaming or gazing aimlessly in empty space that we do not know how to function without them. In this age of television, computers and video games where the main stress is on eyes we just forget that we are overusing them. And this is where the importance of bifocals comes into relevance. With the aid of these artificial vision enhancing lenses we can see the way we want to, far and near.


But the combination of two types of lenses which would enable far and near sightedness, the Bifocals was invented by the famous American statesman and inventor Benjamin Franklin in 1700’s. Bifocals are the lenses or glasses which help people correct their far sightedness and short sightedness. These work in the same way as spectacle lens.


I think it is the best invention, not wordily, but it has helped so many people. In some case the bifocals are the struggle for survival.


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