Bushidō – The way of the warrior

Bushido is a philosophy, mainly used for the Japanese samurai. It could be hard for western people to understand this philosophy. Honour is something valuable, and to prove your honor you had to show your loyalty to the Shogun. Death went before dishonour. So basically, they had to protect their honour with their lifes. If unrest happened, it was considered a human failing and a dishonour to the ancestors. This is why the Samurai could not accept defeat. If they would have no chance to fight, to show their true strength, they would prefer to perform seppuku. This was something which the western people during the world war II couldn’t understand. Bushidō philosophy is a very deep philosophy. Would you like to find more about it, please visit: http://dragonintuitive.com/bushido-philosophy/


Bushidō, doesn't it sound a bit like brainwashing? Well, it is actually a bit similair to the today's militaries. I mean, when we talk about "offer yourself for your country" and things such as that. People wont offer their lifes for free, that's why mighty people created their own, quite valuable thing to give: honour. Honour was something everybody wanted, more or less. So now, they could risk their lifes, for honour. Honour will always be something for the human to seek for.


Am I right?
What do you think about Bushidō? Do you disagree with my thoughts or not?

Shogun - A hereditary commander-in-chief in feudal Japan. the shogun was generally the real ruler of the country until feudalism was abolished in 1867 – Google Dictionary


seppuku – Also known as harakiri: ritual suicide by self-disembowelment with a sword. wordnetweb


Postat av: Gabriel

I think that it was just as normal to them as i was for us to worship the Christian God. That is also a form of brainwashing.

2011-04-15 @ 10:41:06

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