Carl Linnaeus (Carl von linné)


This time it is about Carl Linnaeus as a scientist.
Carl Linnaeus was a Swedish botanist that put the species in "families".
He had described over 7,300 species.

He made a lot of expeditions in Sweden and northern Germany.
He is one of the most well known scientists from Sweden from the enlightenment.

The plant sexuality is one of his leading works that describe how plants have "sex".
This means that flowers are boys or girls, they have stamens and pistils.
This attracted the attention of Olof Rudbeck in May 1730, he selected Linnaeus to begin giving lectures at the University even though Linnaeus was only a second year student. The lectures were very popular, and Linnaeus could often find himself addressing an audience of 300 persons.
he also lived with Olof Celsius the man behind the thermometer that shows the temperature in Celsius that are based after the freeze and boil point of water.

Systema Naurae is one of the books Linnaeus wrote, in this book he wrote about the animal and plant kingdom, well they aren't so correct any longer like the giraffe is related to the leopard and that isn't so truly.
Systema Naturae are on three volumes and contains over 7,000 species.

i think this was very useful for the botanist around Europe because it was one different reality then the one the church had shown the people for many years.

By: Philip Törnberg

Postat av: Olof

Nice article Philip!

I agree with you concerning the importance of Linnaeus’ work. Although he has been proven wrong on a few things afterwards, he really came up with a fantastic system that has been useful for mankind and our own evolution.

One thing, I do not know if it was Olof Celsius who was the man behind the thermometer, but instead Anders Celsius. Correct me if I am wrong.

Nice work!

2011-04-11 @ 17:33:48
Postat av: Philip

Sorry it was a misunderstanding of me, Olof was Anders father so you were right. :)

2011-04-14 @ 20:02:34
Postat av: Gunnarmarlene

Very nice site. I must say that I am impressed. Keep up the good work.

2011-05-27 @ 07:26:23

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