Enlightenment economy


During the enlightenment the people in villages began to realize that things don’t need to go on as they have always done. New governments were formed, new charts created and new businesses began. The people were naturally convinced that their earnings were a result of their hard work and merits. The monarchy dwindled through these years and so did the church.


Most important is that the middle classes were painfully aware that they were paying taxes to support a fabulously expensive aristocracy which contributed nothing of value to society. The useless aristocrats were very unwilling to share power with those who actually managed and to their way of thinking created national wealth. Especially in France the people became upset because they were paying higher and higher taxes and all the money went to a few thousand aristocrats.


I think this is insane! How could these people be aware that all their money goes to a few aristocrats and not do something about it? I would never have payed taxes if it had no effect on society, and how could the aristocrats take all this money and still have good conscience? Thank god we don’t have to pay taxes and that all the money goes too our politicians.




Postat av: Kimia

I agree with you when you say that we shouldn't pay taxes to politicians and aristocrats, but we do pay taxes, not to politicians but to the state. Maybe that is what you meant?

If I lived during that period of time I wouldn't want to pay taxes either but what choice did they have? They would probably get hurt in some way or another if they didn't pay up.

This is only my thoughts.

Really good work!

2011-04-14 @ 18:45:30
Postat av: Calle

Good work Oscar!

I agree with you, why should we pay taxes if the money we pay goes to something that we can't use or take advantage of. But like Kimia said, they did not have any choice other then pay their taxes and smile.

2011-04-14 @ 20:58:27
Postat av: Erik B.

Great Article Oscar!

I think, so to be realistic that the people during that time didn't really have any choices, did they? Because... either you had to choose to get punished in some way, or you would pay the taxes. So in that way you was more or less forced to pay the taxes.

2011-04-15 @ 10:26:36
Postat av: Erik

I agree with you! I would not want to give my tax money away to something that I do not like. Fir Instance, I would not want to pay the salary of Lars Ohly!

2011-04-15 @ 10:29:26
Postat av: Oscar

Thx everyone!

NO who would to pay taxes to Ohly?! :)

2011-04-15 @ 10:31:58

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