French revolution

The economy before the revolution was terrible because the French king Louis XVI wanted to live as comfortable as possible as he could.
The king was no genius and lost a lot of wars, so the before so rich France now was really poor.
The king took the decision to raise the taxes A LOT because he didn’t want to lose his comfortable life.
How did Louise think when he did this decision, well they did have a different view of how thing worked at those days so basically I cant argue about this.
I’ll try anyway, by show himself weak to the other countries around France they started to invade.
By these war ( and losses ) the economy fell in the entire country, by raising the taxes he dug the economical bar even lower, he thought it could save him, I mean how?
should the money the people lose help just him?
In my opinion he should recruit more to the army and not let them work to pay taxes so when the army grows they can resist the attacks of their neighbor.
But the king had absolutely no knowledge about warfare at all so he probably wouldn’t be the one leading them. As the revolutionaries he should have generals.
Anyway its a lot thanks to him we got democracy today.
If it wasn’t for him the French revolution probably wouldn’t happened, but on the other hand if it wasn’t for him France could had a lot more important role in the United States and it could have ended in a way we don’t even can imagine.

By: Philip


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