Galileo Galilei invented the binocular.

We think that the binoculars are very useful and good. With the binoculars we can see thing  that never had a chance to bee seen before. Scientists have by the telescope discovered amazing things about our planet and space.  What do you think about the binocular? Is it good that Galileo Galilei invented the binocular?

/ Linnéa, Jerica, Felicia.

Postat av: Gabriel

This was creative:D thumbs up!

2011-04-08 @ 11:35:20
Postat av: Hedvig

Hahahaha, This was a very creative, good and funny way to express yourselves, very good! :D

I think that the binocular was a very good invention by Galileo Galilei, without it we wouldn't now everyting we do today! Again, very good girls!

2011-04-08 @ 11:48:30
Postat av: Calle

Good work !

Binoculars is without doubt a great invention. With it we can explore things far away without going there. And as you guys said, it huge step in the science about the solar system and other planets.

2011-04-15 @ 16:36:31
Postat av: Linnéa

Thanks a lot for your comments!

Nice to hear that you liked the movie and have the same thoughts as us about the invention of the binoculars.

2011-04-19 @ 21:42:23

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