During the enlightenment new inventions came that contributed to the industrial revolution . For example: the spinning Jenny, the water frame and and an improved steam engine. This revolution lead to both positive and negative things both when it happened and today.


A negative aspect both today and in the 18th century is of course the negative impact it had on the environment. Coal was used much in the factories and for transportation and that made the industrial ares and the air very dirty. The same today, factories are still not environmentally friendly and it has hurt our nature.


The work conditions under the industrial revolution where really bad. People, lived in small houses in cramped streets around the factories. They worked long hours, they didn't get a high salary and child labor was not unusual. The owners of the factory wanted, of course,  a high profit as possible. Today it is the same, we as buyers want to buy our gods for as little money as possible. Then the factory owner has to give his/hers employers a low salary or have machines that does the work, and then many people will be unemployed and that is not good either. The problems with the work conditions has luckily changed today in the Western world. In other parts of the world like China, Taiwan and Bangladesh the problem still exists.


We have gotten a more comfortable life with new products. No man can produce everything that he needs on his own today. We need, if we are suppose to maintain the life we live now, help from others. Without factories and the industrial revolution we wouldn't have all the things we have today, but you can question if it is worth it when you know the harm it cause  on the environment and on the factory workers.



By: Kajsa


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