”It is difficult to free fools from chains they revere” Voltaire

”It is difficult to free fools from chains they revere”   Voltaire


Human beings consider themselves the leader of this world, we have advanced our technology in the course of the years, but in many ways they are just like ants who follow blindly the one ahead of them…

We can be easily manipulated by leaders of a group or rulers of a country into following a certain ceremony or traditions or adopting a certain way of a living, we will even fight hard to resist change when being challenged, as such we will lose our mind, stop thinking who we are, what we do, we will forget our creativity and individuality and I don’t see we are any better than the ants we see in the garden. For example, what if a priest was to be told by a man passing him on the street, that everything that the church stands for is wrong, would he just concede to that thought? Would he stop believing in God just because a random guy on the street tells him so? I am quite sure that he most certainly will not do that, I do not think anybody would do so, true or not, we have been brought up with the idea of the existence of a God. He would probably accept that this person does not believe in God and perhaps he might even try to convince this guy to start believing in God.

As a result, a fool or not, this is the way we are raised, we are taught to live in a certain way, following a certain way of living and we are simply too foolish or too lazy to think out of the box and see if what we are following is the ideal of perfect way of living. We would rather live in security than exploring new frontiers.



Postat av: jakob lundén

Yeah it is important to explore yourself and try new things that you once have been taught to, because that is what is still in your brain. To expand your comfort zone and be open minded!

Good Work Daniel!!

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