Jean-Baptiste Greuze vs. today's -isms

Jean- Baptiste Greuze was born 1725 and died 1805. He was a French artist and "Le Père de famille expliquant la Bible a ses enfants," was his first painting that gave him attention. He became a genera artist and his paintings had a moralized purpose and each painting had a story to tell.

One painting I like very much is The spoiled child or “L'enfant gâté” as it's called in French. Even though I have to say, I'm not really in fond of paintings from the enlightenment at all. Even though they all have their own stile, they're very similar to each other. They all picture people in a realistic environment and whether they are outside or inside it looks like watching a picture taken with a camera, with small beautifications of course.

I am more in fond of today's art. We have a range of different types of paintings. From the 2000th century art exploded with -isms. Surrealism, expressionism, suprematism, you name it! Why would we want to paint people wearing beautiful dresses, or being completely naked.. when we can look at a painting and thinking “what on earth does this look like?” and have a interesting discussion where no-one's opinion would be wrong, since we view it from different perspectives.

Which type of art are you more interested in? Today's unrealistic paintings, or rococo art?



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