Jonathan Swift

He is seen as one of the biggest satirist in the world literature. He questioned society, and he is the one who wrote Gulliver’s travels. It is his most famous work and it is a satire of society and it makes fun of the genre “travelers’ tales”. His work lives on in many forms of children’s books and TV-series. Did you watch Gulliver’s travels cartoons when you were kids? I didn’t miss an episode!

As you may know thoughts like this (disagreeing with society) were not appreciated in those times. Swift had to be secretive with his work and he had the manuscript copied so that his handwriting could not be evidence if a prosecution should arise. Later the manuscript was handed secretly to the publisher Benjamin Motte. Isn’t it convenient that we have our laws about freedom of expression?

I think that he was right to contradict society. I also think that he was very brave to release the work that he did, risking jail for spreading his thoughts. It is kind of like the freedom-fighters in today’s society, for example in Asia, the ones that risk jail time because they want to help people think from a new perspective. I think they need to do that in communism North Korea, it is not easy because just like Jonathan Swift the new thinkers risk jail. Should they stand up to the government for their rights and risk their lives? I hope that they could, but it is easy for me to say because I live in peaceful Sweden. If I lived in North Korea I don’t think I would be that brave.

What do you think?



Jonathan Swift

Kimia Rezaei

Postat av: Kajsa

Nice article Kimia!

It was very brave of Swift to contradict the society. Without people doing it our society may not be better. I really admire them for risking jail or death to make many peoples lives better.

And like you said, it is easy for us living in peacful Sweden to say that they should stand up for their rights. I don't think I would dare to risk my life, unfortunately.

2011-04-15 @ 11:11:36
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