Kina slott

Kina slott is a pleasure palace in Drottningholm’s park.

It was a birthday gift to queen Lovisa Ulrika from King Adolf Fredrik.


Kina slott is drawn by Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz and was led by hovintendent Jean Eric Rehn.

They started the work 1763 and it was done 1769.




The architecture is essentially French rococo but with Chinese and oriental elements which were the height of fashion in those days.

Facade, the lacquer red walls and sculptural decoration show a good knowledge of Chinese architecture, but the actual building, the body can be characterized as distinctly European.The interiors is mostly Swedish rococo.


China was the world’s cultural centrum at this time. People read books from China for example. That’s why they’ve built the pleasure palace according to Chinese culture.

Nowadays we could say that USA is the cultural centrum, we’re seeing movies, reading books and importing American fashion to Sweden.

So, if we were about to build a pleasure palace today it would probably be inspired by American culture.



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// Christopher Carlsson

Postat av: Jerica

Wow, imagine getting a castle for your birthday.

But would we really make it American? I don’t really think that we could reflect the American culture because the U.S is full of different cultures.

And I think that if you were to build a palace, you would more likely to reflect your own personal style and what you like.

2011-04-26 @ 23:38:10

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