Mary Anderson.

I bet that most of you thought that the windshield wipers were invented by a man, but you are mistaken. The windshield wipers was invented by Mary Anderson, born in Greene County, Alabama. Anderson came up with the idea windshield wipers during a trip to New York City, when she noticed that the streetcar drivers had to open the windows of their cars when it rained in order to see. So as a solution, Anderson invented a swinging arm device with a rubber blade that was operated by the driver from within the vehicle using a lever. Pretty smart right? I think so. But how did they work, well they were operated by hand. Either the driver or a passenger had to work a crank to make the wipers go back and forth. Anderson was awarded a 17-year patent in 1903. Many people were wary of the windshield wipers invention, thinking it would distract the driver. After being rejected so many times she just decided to put it to the side.

I think that her invention was genius. It most have been quite difficult seeing the road when it was raining plus they had the windows open thinking it was easier. I don't see how they thought that. That's like driving blind. But they eventually did agree to put windshield wipers on cars, in the 1920's.


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