Mozart and the Requeim.

Wolfgang Amadeuz Mozart started to play piano at a very early age. He was born in 1758 in Austria, and at the age of six he had already started to write and compose music. He later on became famous on his compositions, and when he and his family made a journey through Europe it gave him the opportunity to play at concerts all over the Europe.
Before Mozart died he wrote many symphonies including the marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni and the magic flute.

Mozart died in an early stage of life and before he died he started to write the famous symphony Requiem.
The Requiem was far away from ready when Mozart died, however it is one of his most famous works. Due to Wolfgang's death he could not finish it but there were others who did it for him. The most famous completed version was made by Wolfgang Amadeuz Mozart and Franz Xaver Sussmayrs version. Even though there have been made many versions of the Requeim this still the most famous one.

I do think that Mozart was extremely talented on what he did. And because of that, I do not think that anyone else should finish his works, since there is probably no one who can live up to his level. Also it's not really Mozart's own work when somebody else is finishing it. So I think they should have left the Requeim as It was even if it did not become famous. It's the same thing as if Leonardo Da Vinci had painted half the Mona-Lisa and then died. It's not the same thing when someone else has done it, because they didn't make the art itself, it would almost be like cheating on a test.
What do you think?
// Calle


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