Religion during the enlightenment

From the cradle to the grave. That is how long the Christian church affected peoples life, thousands of lifetimes were spent within the walls of massive cathedrals who were built to honor an astral being no one ever had ever seen or had any proof exsisted.

From the moment you were born, you were in God's hands. The first thing that happend to a newborn baby was, besides the incredible accomplishment of breathing on it's own, was to become baptised. Since the death of infants was so high during that time, it was very important to get a baby baptised otherwise it would be sent straight to Hell. There was even a special section in Hell for that.
During the enlightenment most branches of science started to evolve, medicine, chemistry, physics so on and so forth. As most of us know, science and religion do not play very well together. '
As science began to make progress, they found more and more evidence that the exsistance of a God seemed highly unlogical.

I, myself, is not a very religious person. I see religion as a bunch of philosophies with some good idead and some really wierd ones. I see religion as the biggest drawback humanity has ever sufferd and that just restricts us from almost everything and can slow a civilization down so much that it almost comes to a halt.
When people started questioning the curch and God, we broke some massive chains. Science soared and we could move on to a better life without the fear that if we do not follow the holy rules we will burn in hell.

How do you think the world would have looked like if religion still had it's iron grip?
Would the world look any diffrent than it does today?


Postat av: Sebastian C

Yes, religion does not help at all in evolving a society, but it is still good that there is religions according to me. As many people in our world struggles every day just to survive, don't you think it is great that they have something to rely on?

There is a god. He may not exist as many people think he exists, sitting in the sky surrounded by clouds and looking down at us. But he does exist in our minds, and he help many people worldwide to live through another day.

2011-04-14 @ 16:13:08
Postat av: Gabriel

I can see that you are a somewhat of a religious person so I will respect that. But my own opinion is that we are nothing but highly evovled monkies who think to highly of themselfs and that dietys are what we use to explain the unexplainable.

2011-04-15 @ 10:39:23
Postat av: Erik B.

Well, religion and science is like a function. Religion unite people, and religion make culture. In that way, religion is good for the society. But as you said, the evolvement will slow down... but as you can see today, the culture is very splitted and people are not very united due to many reasons... I myself do not believe in religion at all, but I understand it's importance.

2011-04-15 @ 10:59:32
Postat av: Anonym

its importance*

2011-04-15 @ 10:59:41

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