Rococo art.

Watteau, Les deux cousines

Rococo also referred to as "Late Baroque" is an 18th century style which is lifelike, nature, playful and elegant. The Rococo style is painted by pastel colours. Rococo art is light.
All over Europe they were painting canvas in cross shapes, you can always see the cross in the paintings. In Italy they also painted the canvas in straight lines. You can always see a straight line in the paintings when they are from Italy. In France they were using s-shapes. If you look upon a canvas from France you can see the s-shape in the canvas. In every painting you can se some of the nature outdoors. Even if the people were not outdoors, you can always see the nature, through a window or a door. By showing the nature the people seemed to be neutral people that liked to be out in the nature. It is also very common that the fathers and men were in contact with the children. They also started to paint children in a way that showed that the children are children, and not small adults. Mothers were also painted with the children in the canvas. They wanted to show how much mothers loved the children, that the mothers cared about the children.

I think this is a very useful way of painting nowadays. By the rococo art we learned how to paint in perspective and we learned how to give the canvas more deep and soft form. The canvas also made us be aware of the beauty in nature, and to be neutral. Even do they were not neutral in the way we think of today. One important thing is also that they “discovered” the children, that the children had a chance to be just children and not small adults. Also that mothers and fathers, men and women, had a big influence in children’s life. That is an important thing nowadays as well. I believe that children need to be raised by both men and women. According to me children need both a man and a woman figure.

What do you think about all this? Do children need to be surrounded by both women and men in their lives? And what do you think about the way the Rococo style is painted?

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