Rousseau - opinion about females


Rousseau, religion and many other philosophers said that the man was standing above the woman and had the supreme role in the society! Rousseau believed that man and woman were born with different capabilities, but together they would complement each other. He meant that man should take care of the business outside the home while women on the other hand should take care of the home and the kids only because that women are naturally weak and therefore only capable of serving the male gender. For that reason, females have no need of any masculine qualities like education or physical strength.


-"What the brain wants isn’t always what your body is able to manage, that’s why men have the supreme role in the society!" – Rasmus Holmqvist, 2010.

(He was joking, so don’t be mad at him girls).


You could say that even the bible supports Rousseau’s opinion about the female role in the society at that time, "That Eve (female) was created to give Adam (male) pleasure when he was bored".



Rousseau said that the education of women should always be relative to the one of men. The duties of woman at all times towards man is to give him pleasure, be useful, making him love and esteem her, educate him when young and caring for him when grown up.


It’s really an absurd thought that women are made to please the male gender in different ways. Females should have the same rights as men when it comes to education, jobs, salary and even the general roll in the society! It must have been very hard for women during these periods of times, when philosophers and religion says that the female is standing below the male gender in the society. I'm glad that the society and the view towards the female gender has change during time and will continue changing so that women will become equal to the male gender.

// Nylund


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