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The spinning jenny is an invention from the industrial revolution. 1764 was the year that James Hargreaves came up with the smart idea of the spinning jenny, which facilitated the handling of large quantities of harvested cotton. We don’t really know what the name; “spinning jenny” came from. One theory is that James Hargreaves daughter was named Jenny and he named the machine after her. The other theory is that it is a distortion from “engine”.

James Hargreaves was born in Oswaldtwistle, England in 1720 and was a carpenter and weaver. He didn’t have an education so he couldn’t even read or write. I think that it was good of James Hargreaves that he made the spinning jenny. It proves that people that don’t have an education can be good at other things. The spinning jenny has been a very important invention in those days. It helped the people to spin threads and make yarn.

It made producing yarn faster than before. This led to a negative thing; many people lost their jobs and became poor, but it wasn’t just negative, the production of yarn just needed a few persons and it produced faster and become more popular.

I think that the spinning jenny was both good and bad, good because the producing of yarn became faster, and bad that many people became poor.


What if the machines end up doing everything for us? How many would have a job then? Would it be more homeless persons then, because they don’t have any money? What do you think?

I think that more people would be poor, and they those who had a job would become rich. It might be more differences in the society.


Postat av: Jerica

I think that someday the world will be rolled by machines and robots. But I have no idea what would happen to the population. Maybe we will get served by robots and just become fat and lazy (almost like the movie Wall-e), or we will sooner or later become extinguished, because no one will have a job, not afford to buy food and then die of starvation. And then the population would consist of robots.

2011-04-26 @ 23:55:42

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