Spinning Jenny

The original Spinning Jenny


Spinning jenny was the first spinning wheel using a multi-spool spinning frame. It was invented by James Hargreaves in northern England. This invention made it easier to produce yarn, with one worker being able to work eight spools at once, this eventually grew into 120 spools at once. Hargreaves invented spinning jenny in the mid 18th century and it is said to be named after his daughter Jenny, others say that it is named “Jenny” because only women worked with the spinning wheels. The thing is that James Hargreaves had many daughters but none of them was named Jenny.


Many people obviously lost their jobs because of this device. They didn’t need that many people working and it took a lot less time to produce yarn, so the price fell, this of course led to protest. This happens all the time, today we have machines doing everything for us, and the question is where is the world heading? People don’t milk cows anymore, everybody uses a calculator to count maths and what’s next? This is all to make our lives easier but how easy will it get? I wish the world should just stop as it is, because it is not eco-friendly to manufacture everything.


Some things are developing in the right direction (for example eco-clothes) but a lot is still causing people to lose their jobs and the world to pollute. If we just keep developing things then the scientists and inventors will be the only ones having jobs because we will have machines doing everything else. Maybe this is an exaggeration but it can’t do us any good, can it?




Kimia Rezaei

Postat av: Victoria

Hey Kimia!

I think it is very suspicious that he named his invention after a daughter he didn't have... or had he? Maybe he secretly had a child outside his marriage called Jenny? Maybe he was very fond of her and that is why he wanted to dedicate his invention to her? Or maybe he just felt guilty because he did not take care of her?

Just something that popped up in my head while reading!

Joyful reading!

2011-04-15 @ 11:12:09
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