I think that we all are familiar with taxes, we’re complaining about too high taxes.

Everybody pay taxes today, according to what they earn. It wasn’t like this back in the 16-18 century, France was a feudal country wich means that the king was chosen by god also the nobles, priests and church didn’t had to pay taxes, then it was the “regular” people who had to pay for everything, for example all the wars.


As I said before, some of us are complaining about the high taxes but I think that we have it quite good compared to how it was around ca 1500-1700.

The people did have to pay everything while the nobles lived on the peoples taxes.

So, the people worked hard and paid almost everything they had so the nobles and the church could live like kings without doing anything.

Of course this was wrong and after a while people started to think, why am I paying for the nobles?

This, bad harvest led to higher prices and that led to lower salaries for the people.

This was one of the reasons why the French revolution broke out.


Nowadays we pay taxes according to how much we earn and also in many countries we have welfare were we helps people who doesn’t have a job. So now it’s contrary, the people without jobs and enough money now gets help with money from the ones that works and has it better.

No one gets money from doing nothing and no one is tax-extemted.

So I believe that we have it better today.



// Christopher Carlsson IB1

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