The Coffeehouse


In the 17th century the coffee for the first time were at sale outside the Ottoman Empire.

Coffee considered as a medical drink, but as fast it wasn’t any medicine any more the pubs started to sale coffee and even some pubs specialised in coffee and became coffeehouses.

Some historians says that women wasn’t allowed to enter the coffeehouses and some historians tell the completely opposite.

So coffeehouses became the rich peoples pubs but it says that they got drunk there to, which doesn’t sound like ordinary coffee.

But it was the calm place if you would go out and drink some.

1739 there were 551 coffeehouses in London.

I don’t know how big London at that time but it sounds like a lot because England is tea-drinkers (Prejudice) and there were a lot of pubs also so I don’t understand how so many public houses could be open.

There were also a huge difference between the coffeehouses because they roast there own coffee.

So it was important to get the best coffee, like always.

The number of coffeehouses decreased at 18th century but returned in all its glory at the 19th century.

By: Philip

Postat av: Erik J

Great subject & article!

2011-04-17 @ 15:02:04

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