Carl von Linné

I have chosen Carl Linnaeus as my philosopher even that he was a great scientist and biologist when he lived. A lot of great scientists and philosophers sent him letters, the famous philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau sent him the message: "Tell him I know no greater man on earth”. Carl Linnaeus once saidLivet är en vacker såpbubbla, i döden ser du hur tom människans bubbla är” or
Life is a beautiful soap bubble, in death you see how empty peoples bubble are”. I think that he meant that when we gets old we don’t have the exuberance that we had as young, the beautiful colorful bubble losing its colors and the only thing is the grey shell and it misses the spark of life.
It could also mean that when we are young we decorate our lifes whit travels and items, but when we gets old we think back on our lifes and realize that it wasn’t as we wanted it to.
I thinks there’s a lot more ways to interpret this few words.

Anyway why did I take a scientist as a philosopher?
Because it is not a big difference and that small difference is a great example of different views at life.
Also a lot of scientists have great philosophical opinions but we only learn about them as scientists.

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Maybe Carl von Linné thought that during life we expect so much, and we cannot see things for what they are, just what we think they are. By that life becomes a beautiful soap bubble. Later when we are dead we realise that life was not that speciall, and all the things we thought was real was not.

Good article! :)

2011-03-25 @ 22:27:27

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