Religion and Science, frenemies?

During the enlightenment the view on religion changed. People derived more knowledge and got enlightened and therefore they started to doubt their religion. There view on man and the world changed within all this new knowledge.  Today we have all this knowledge and more thereto and we have had some unconfirmed theories confirmed, but still the religion that so many enlightened people started to doubt still exist, so are science and religion really enemies?


I think that all these new knowledge and everything that was found during the enlightenment only changed the religion and the way to believe, it didn’t it. Religion today is not quite the same, as during the enlightenment, and I think that religion will continue changing and developing as long as the science develop. Those persons who just weren’t satisfied with the answers religion gave them chose science and to only believe in their own way and definition of God.


I think that there are a connection between religion and believing but it’s not the same thing. It’s still possible to believe without being religious. I would say that religion are or are at least supposed to be some sort of guideline in life. And if you’re not religious that just mean that you live with your own guidelines. But either you believe in religion or simply believe I guess the purpose is the same, to find something worth living for, find the meaning of life or something similar.

What is your opinion in the relationship between religion and science?


Postat av: Gabriel

This is my PERSONAL view on this.

Science is the poetry of reality.

Religion is only where the foolish look for answers, there are none.

2011-03-30 @ 19:27:55
Postat av: Anonym

This is my PERSONAL view on this question.

Science is the poetry of reality, we get answers!

Religion is only where the foolish turn to seek answers, there are none.

2011-03-30 @ 19:32:41
Postat av: dubbelpost ftw, you just learned my awesome views squared!:D

2011-03-30 @ 19:34:32
Postat av: Nora

Like your answer, even better squared! :)

Agree kind of, you may not find scientifically answers but you might learn things about yourself and that isn’t that bad either.

2011-04-01 @ 11:31:58
Postat av: Erik B.

Well, Science and Religion both do have a very important role, even in today's society.

During the earlier ages, religion had a critical role in those smaller societies. The religion enclosed a group of people, so that they could co-operate. People with the same thoughts work better, and they had to find something to get everybody to think about. If everyone in a tribe had their own way of valuing things, such as what to hunt, and what do to blabla... Things wouldn't work.

2011-04-05 @ 18:39:09
Postat av: Nora

Thanks for commenting!

I agree that people probably work better when they have the same belief. but i think people can work quite good anyway just they have the same values. What to hunt, hasn't got anything to do with religion has it? :)

2011-04-06 @ 11:34:25
Postat av: Anna

A very interesting article Nora!

”A good scientist follows the evidence no matter where it leads, regardless of his religious beliefs. A Christian scientist only follows the evidence that proves his faith, without looking for alternate explanations." A very impressed quote about how religion could influence on individual work performance. And this does not need to include everybody, but I agree with the statement. Every human being is influenced by something, in this case religion.

Religion is based on observable facts while science is based on imagination and fantasy.

2011-04-06 @ 11:53:23
Postat av: Nora

Anna: I think you mean vice-versa, that science is based on observable facts while religion is based on imagination and fantasy? Like I said I think religion today has changed and religious people can believe in both science and religion so I don't think religion is all imagination and fantasy, not everywhere at least.


2011-04-25 @ 13:49:52

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