“One good schoolmaster is of more use than a hundred priests.”

This was once said by Thomas Paine, an American who lived during the 18th century. He is called one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and had an impact on the American Revolution.


Thomas Paine was not a Christian; he belonged to the religion of Deism. This means he believed that God created the Earth, but was no longer in charge of its fate. That he was not a Christian maybe shows why he said something like this, but I understand his thoughts. It is better to have someone who can learn you the principles today’s society is based on, instead of teach you about Christianity. I would rather have one hundred teachers and one priest in one town, than the other way around. At least I feel that religion should not be tied up to one man’s thoughts, it should be something you explore for yourself. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy listening to others thoughts about everything, but mostly it should be about your personal relationship with God. And if you want to get deeper into Christianity, why not read the Bible? You do not have to have someone who is telling the stories for you.


I know you can read a lot of books and gain knowledge about the society as well, but many things are complicated, and it could be nice having someone to explain it for you. Common knowledge consists of raw facts; it does not include any deeper levels of religions around the world. So, despite I am a Christian, I agree with Thomas Paine. You need knowledge the Bible cannot teach you to get a job nowadays, that is a fact. Instead of putting money into preachers’ hands, give it to someone who helps children, and adults, to gain the knowledge they need to be able to get a job. In the developed countries around the globe, we have more teachers than priests, a lot more actually. In the developing countries, I am not so sure. Their source of inspiration to manage the day lies in the hands of their God, and therefore they have many priests and such. I think we should help them to get more teachers. If you have watched any show about raising money for children in needs, you may know that they often try to raise money for schools, and when they interview a pupil, the most common answer they get is: “I want to be a teacher when I grow up”. Within the next generation there will be more teachers, but we need to help them getting there by being their teachers for now. They are making progress.


/Sebastian Carlshamre

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