Economy during the Enlightenment

The economy during the enlightenment had some dramatic changes. From the beginning had the economy and politics strong connection with each-other. The farmers had contracts with the feudal society and was ruled by them. They paid to much taxes and the taxes was only awarded to aristocrats or the members in the government.


The mercantilism played a big role in the economy. The government had big control over the economics and created a good balance. But this system had to go and changes were made. Francois Quensnay was a new thinker. In his book, Tablue Economiques he talks about and describes the natural order of trade. The natural order of trade was a method of trading which the government did not have any role in. This new kind of trading would both society and the individual person earn money on

This kind of trading was then developed by Adam Smith which took the economy to a new again.He focused on how to make the economy and trading work best. Smith thought that an free market economy worked best.

Smith ideas was spread across the world and countries like United States who took his ideas which lead to economic growth for USA.


The natural order of trade was a very good thing for the future of economy.  I think the free trade system was good because it made the government step aside from economy and the bound between them was minimized.

What do you think?


// Calle

Postat av: Andreas Larsson

Jolly well written!

I think that Smith's ideas have had, through the likes of Alexander Hamilton, a great influence on the most capatilistic country of the world.

2011-04-15 @ 11:22:17
Postat av: shoupbus

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