Marie Antoinette – part 2 – her impact on economy

As I mentioned Antoinette overspent the budget that she had. It wasn’t all for herself, though. She gave away money to charity as well, but we all know that she spent most of the money on herself, clothes and parties.

In the end of 18th century there was a big lack of money. Ludwig XVI was considered a weak king, and the contribution to the North-American liberty war was not appreciated by the people and neither by the French economy. She kept spending until the money ran out and that didn’t help the people at all, everybody knows the infamous quote by Marie Antoinette “let them eat cake”. When the French people could not afford to buy bread to live, they demonstrated and said that quote. I interpret it as if she doesn’t really care, or that she acknowledges the fact that the people are starving to death. The queen was sentenced to death; one reason was that she spent too much money.

Although she wasted a lot of money, she helped the poor people out a little bit. She did charity for ex. blind people & starving people. She also revoked the tax called “the Queen’s belt” and she commented "belts are no longer worn", I got to say that I admire her sense of humor.

I think that because of her title she has to think about what she does with the money, she can’t be careless no matter how much she wanted that pretty dress. I also think that we all have a little Marie Antoinette inside us that wants to shop till you drop, or maybe it’s just me. I can’t say that I’m any better than her, because I have been in situations where I have wasted all my money after the first day of the month, the difference is that I have no obligation like the queen.  I think that it was wrong of her to spend that much money on insignificant things when she could have spent the money on issues that could save the French people’s lives. Why did she spend all that money? Some say that she didn’t have enough love in her life, but just an excuse, and I don’t think that it’s good enough either.

Kimia Rezaei

Postat av: Tess

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2011-04-26 @ 10:27:12
Postat av: Jerica

Great article Kimia!

I agree with you that it was wrong of her to spend so much money on stuff thet really didn't matter. But maybe she just wanted to live up to her name as "the Queen of France". And maybe she wanted everybody to become jealous of her.

Please tell me what you think ;)

2011-04-26 @ 22:31:36
Postat av: Kimia

Interesting thoughts Jerica! I think that you are absolutely right and that it could have been that way. However i don't think that living up to her title meant that she could spend so much money on insignificant things. Or was it that you meant?

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