Mordet på Gustav III

"Förliden fredag d. 16 mars 1792, kl. 3/4 till 12 om aftonen, då hans Kongl. Maj:t nyss var inkommen på maskeradbalen uti Kongl. Operahuset, hade en okänd mask infunnit sig uti trängseln af de masker, som samlat sig bakom konungen, och der aflossat en pistol hvars skott tagit ett stycke öfver venstra höften något ifrån ryggraden."


Gustav III was very interested in culture. Big parties with a big influence from France were common on the royal court and they even talked French there, even though it was in Sweden. It was just on a big party when Gustav III was murdered. The party was a masquerade ball on Kungliga Operan. During the night the king got a letter with a threat, Gustav III ignored it because he had got many of the same letters before, and then it didn’t happen something. This was a stupid mistake that the king did, later that evening Jacob Johan Anckarström shot him. It wasn’t just Jacob Johan Anckarström, it was about 13 people on the masquerade ball who was in the conspiracy. All of them had the same clothes.


Now to the question, why did Jacob Johan Anckarström shot Gustav III? Anckarström felt failed and blamed all on Gustav III, in particular of the constant tax increases. Another thing was that Gustav III changed the constitutional amendment so that he was alone to govern Sweden.


I think that Jacob Johan Anckarström did the wrong thing. Why shot a king because he felt failed? Sure, it wasn’t that fun when the taxes were increased and Gustav III changed the constitutional amendment but was it necessary to kill him just for that?


You can link this situation to things in today society, one example fighting. Let’s say that it is two boys on a party. Boy 1 is just looking at boy 2 and then the boy 2 became angry. Instead of talking with boy 1, boy 2 hit boy 1. This often happen when alcohol is involved and I think that instead of fighting the boys should talk. The same thing was when Jacob Johan Anckarström shot Gustav III. Instead of just shooting him, he should have talked with Gustav III before and than they could work it out in another way.


So in my opinion (and hopefully yours too) should people begin to talk more than e.g. fighting or shooting someone. Instead for be disturbed and angry you can try to do something about it!




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