"Drive out prejudices through the door, and they will return through the window."


March 19, 1771 - Letter to Voltaire

Frederick renewed his friendship with Voltaire, and in a letter to him he wrote that he wanted to enlighten "my people, cultivate their manners and morals, and make them as happy as human beings can be, or as happy as the means at my disposal permit." With others of the Enlightenment he continued to believe in tolerance, especially the tolerance of his subjects toward one another. But regarding this he would not be completely happy with the results. To Voltaire in 1771 he would write: "Drive out prejudices through the door, and they will return through the window."

During the Age of Enlightenment, there were advancements in many fields. This era mostly focused on the achievements of the individuals. The Age of Enlightenment resulted in less prejudice thoughts, less racism, less religious segregation and less class division.


A Prejudice is basically a statement that is very difficult to overcome. I.e. if you think you have gotten rid of them in one way they show up in some other form. An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts. Often it is about intolerance of or dislike for people of a specific race, religion and butch of other things.

What we should do, I suggest, is to give up the idea of ultimate sources of knowledge, and admit that all knowledge is human; that it is mixed with our errors, our prejudices, our dreams, and our hopes; that all we can do is to grope for truth even though it be beyond our reach


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