The guillotine


Joseph-Ignace Guillotin was a French doctor and he was the man who gave name to the guillotine. The guillotine was a killer machine.  It was introduced during the French revolution and a lot of people were executed with it. For example; both king Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette were executed with the guillotine. It was during a debate 1789 that Joseph-Ignace Guillotin gave the suggestion that every man should be executed in the same way, rich and poor. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin was against death penalty so therefore he thought that at least the ones that should be executed should be that in a fast and relative painless way.  Many people believe that dr. Guillotin was executed with his own invention, but that is just a rumour and it is not true.


I think that the guillotine is and was a smart invention. It was a fast way to kill a lot of people and since the guillotine always came at the same place it wasn’t any problem, as it had been earlier, with the executioners missing their targets. But I think that it’s a pity that the good idea that Guillotin had when he wanted the death penalty to be put to an end instead made it easier to kill even more people. Maybe some of the innocent people during the French revolution could have been saved if it wasn’t for this killing machine, which killed a lot of people during those years. But since it worked for the purpose it had, to give people a less painful dead, I have to say that it was a good invention.


/ Ebba Jakobsson van Stam

Postat av: Andreas Larsson

Nice article!

The guillotine was beyond doubt an effective invention. It really served its purpose, although it was abused during the revolution. What do you think Guillotin thought about the abuse of his invention? He could not have been happy about it.

2011-04-06 @ 18:17:41
Postat av: Gabriel

"Maybe some of the innocent people during the French revolution could have been saved if it wasn’t for this killing machine" No, I don't think so. They probably would have recived the same sentence and face an exuctioner with a KILLER tennis-elbow:p imagine how long it have taken without the guillotine:O

2011-04-06 @ 20:34:22
Postat av: Philip

Dont think that it lowered the pain, the transport to the guillotine was often connected to a "lap of honor" and the people throw rutten food in their faces.

And to be locked to a guillotine wasnt probably much more comftortable than have a man with a black mask and a huge axe chopping your head off.

2011-04-15 @ 11:14:55

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