Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes was born in Malmsbury, England in 1588. He was educated in the finest school of England. When Hobbes became older he fled to France when King Charles time at the power almost was over and the parliamentarians was going to rule of the country and Hobbes was a monarchist. Hobbes left and he stayed for 4 years before the return to England.


His time in France was successful. There he wrote most of his books but not everyone liked them. Back in England his books was banned. And they even burned his books in Oxford. During the time in France he also wrote his most famous book, the Leviathan which was published in 1651. Leviathan is about the structure of the society. This book Is called one of the earliest examples of the social contract theory or the state of nature. Hobbes talks much about the state of nature in Leviathan and he describes it as “ war of every man against every man”. He means that a man is selfish in his natural state of mind. He also proclaims in the book that a single ruler is the best form of leading something.


I don not think everybody is selfish and only cares about themselves. If we would do that, we would not live together In packs like we do today. We all would be loners.



// Calle

Postat av: Nylund

Good written Calle! I agree on your thoughts that beeing selfish is not in our nature as humans. Because then we wouldn't be able to manage these circumstances that we live and work under in todays society.

2011-04-15 @ 11:36:35
Postat av: Sandra

Well done Calle!

I have to agree with you too. It is in our nature to live in groups and we are as humans very caring and take care of each other. If we'd all be selfish how would we then be able to live in a democracy? And how could we possibly live in a socialistic society where everything is owned togehter.

2011-04-16 @ 15:33:16

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